• Who We Are

    Helpful Networks is an entrepreneurial consultancy that partners with publicly traded, private equity, and family owned companies to create new businesses and modernize existing ones.

  • Ecosystem As A Service

    Most innovation is going on outside your company. We tap into and build innovative ecosystems for new growth.

    We help clients...


    - Map & evaluate new platforms, technologies, & business models

    - Define strategic objectives for product & business process innovation

    - Work with the right innovative companies towards those objectives

    - Develop criteria, processes and deal flow for strategic investments

  • Incubation As A Service

    Big companies CAN’T move at the speed of entrepreneurs so they should partner with them to build new businesses & understand their playbook. We can be your founding team.

  • Data Ingestion Engine Theory

  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out if you think we can be helpful.