• Who We Are

    We're veteran entrepreneurs, technologists, operators and venture investors who work with select public & private equity clients to build new businesses, operational capabilities, and platforms.

  • Ecosystem As A Service

    Most innovation is going on outside your company. We tap into and build innovative ecosystems for new growth.

    We help clients...

    • Map & evaluate new platforms, technologies, & business models
    • Define objectives for product & business process innovation
    • Develop & implement pilots to test financial & technical feasibility
  • Growth As A Service

    Traditional growth techniques and channels are having diminishing returns. We create and execute omni-channel strategies for organic growth wherever your consumer lives (including chat, email, partnerships, social, and search).

    We help clients...

    • Develop comprehensive revenue or user growth strategies
    • Scale & optimize existing channels
    • Test & scale new channels
    • Develop internal multichannel capabilities
  • Incubation As A Service

    Big companies CAN’T move at the speed of entrepreneurs so they should partner with them to build new businesses & understand their playbook. We help clients...


  • Platform As A Service

    Large enterprises have existing assets and infrastructure that entrepreneurs, internally and externally, want to build on top of. We productize and standardize these assets and capabilities, turning cost centers into profit centers with significant strategic value.

    We help clients...

    • Evaluate internal assets and capabilities
    • Productize internal platforms for external customers

    • Develop business models incentivizing creation of new businesses

    • Develop strategic distribution, technology & services partnerships to scale new initiatives

  • "The Amazon Playbook"

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) was originally built to allow internal teams to independently build web applications. AWS became a $16 billion+ per year business by enabling other businesses to build on top of it. Productizing & standardizing internal assets & capabilities is the Amazon playbook for exponential growth. Enterprises in traditional industries have already have much of the data, distribution, infrastructure and expertise to become platforms. In order to build a strategic platform for revenue growth, companies have to answer the question...

  • Data Ingestion Engine Theory

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